Oricom Secure 510 Baby Monitor

The Oricom Secure 510 is an Incredible Value Baby Monitor boasting HD Audio Quality with Vibrate, Temperature, Melodies Torch and more…

The Oricom Secure 510 will allow you to Monitor Baby, Talk Back to Baby in HD Quality with Privacy and Zero Interference Guaranteed. You will Enjoy Up to 300 Meters Range, Monitor Room Temperature, Clock with Alarm, Vibrate Alert, Give Baby 8 True Tone Melodies and a Night Light as well as Enjoy Digital Privacy Security at a Budget Price and an Extended 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty Included!

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Oricom Secure 510
Feature SnapShot

100% Interference Free Yes
RF Technology DECT
Digital Security Yes
Room Temperature Display Yes
Room Temperature Alert Yes
Lullabies 8 True tone melodies
Torch Yes
Belt Clip Yes
Vibrate Alert Yes
Night light Yes
Mains powerd baby unit Yes
Rechargable Parent unit batteries Yes
Adjustable microphone sensitivity Yes
Parent talk back Yes
Out of range warning Yes
Battery level warning Yes
Charging cradle Yes
Sound Monitoring Yes
Approx. Battery Life Up to 20 hours in normal use.
Maximum Range Up to 300 meters under optimum conditions
Warranty 3 Years
Oricom Secure 510

Advanced DECT 1.8 Technology

Oricom were the first in Australia to introduce Advanced DECT Technology in to baby monitors. This means a clearer signal with no interference, long range, and greatly improved security. Your neighbor wont be able to listen in!

Check out these Great Features on the Oricom Secure 510

  • Long Range!

    Be up to 300 meters away from the Baby Unit under optimum conditions! We have customers who are able visit neighbors and still be fully aware of baby via their Oricom Secure 510 Baby Monitor!

  • Parent Talk Back

    The Oricom Secure 510 can be used as a two way radio to help allow you to keep in touch between the Parent Unit and the Baby Unit. Whether you need a helping hand, want to comfort your baby to let him or her know you are on the way, or simply want to share a moment; it’s good to know you can do so with the push of a button.

  • Soft comforting adjustable night light

    No need to leave your baby in darkness, a soft starry glow from the night light on the Oricom Secure 510 provides comfort and reassurance for your baby, soothing the way to sleep.

  • 8 True Tone Melodies

    Help Baby sleep with 8 True Tone Melodies including white noise.  No need to purchase a music/sound box, this Oricom Secure 510 Digital Baby Monitor has it all built in!

  • Vibrate Alert

    Watching a Movie, On the Phone, hearing impaired? The Vibrate Alert on the Oricom Secure 510 will sort that out – have the baby monitor on mute and with the parent unit in your pocket or clipped to your belt, you will know if baby has woken and is making noise immediately with the Vibrate Alert Feature!

  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity

    This allows you to adjust the microphone in the Oricom Secure 510 Baby Unit in relation to how close it is to your baby.

  • Adjustable digital volume control

    Adjust the volume level as needed; now you control how much you hear from your baby’s room, soft breathing, a giggle or the little ones cry with your Oricom Secure 510

  • Room Temperature Display and Alert

    Oricom’s Secure 510 features a temperature sensor built into the baby unit, so you can tell at a glance the comfort of baby’s room – even better – set a max temp and it will alert you, so that you can take immediate action!

  • Clock With Alarm

    Haven’t got you’re watch on? No Problem – your Parent Unit of the Oricom Secure 510 will show you the time. To Top it off, never forget a feeding time – set the alarm and remind yourself when it is time for a feed!

  • 3 Year Warranty

    Every Oricom Secure 510 baby monitor comes with a full 3 year warranty, so that you can have the security of knowing that your unit will deliver reliable performance for years as your baby grows

  • Hi-definition sound

    With no distortion what so ever, you can clearly hear every breath, giggle and burp your baby has to share on your Oricom Secure 510

  • Privacy guaranteed with 120 auto-select channels

    You can relax in the knowledge that you are the only one who can listen to your baby, and that the only baby you can hear is yours, Thanks to the Oricom Secure 510.

  • Torch

    There’s nothing worse than having to turn on the light in the nursery in the middle of the night which wakes baby up – never fear with the Oricom Secure 510! This Digital Baby Monitor gives you a nice bright LED Torch on the Parent Unit! No more scrambling around in the dark or turning on the light in the room and waking baby with bright room lights!

You can not go wrong with the Oricom Secure 510


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